Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
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Holidays Made Simple for People with Vision Loss

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The holidays are a memorable time for everyone.  If you or someone you love has low vision, the holidays are an excellent opportunity for understanding and teamwork to make the holidays fun and safer for all.

What do you remember about the holidays as a child? Baking, crafting, visiting with family, and gift giving often come to mind.  Having low vision can affect each of these activities but when we see this as an “opportunity,” the sky’s the limit.

Baking starts by selecting the recipes and gathering the ingredients.  There are tools and strategies for making these tasks easier for those with low vision.  A talking labeler, for example, is an easy way to make sure you don’t accidentally put oregano in your pumpkin pie! 

There are fun, inexpensive tools for cooking with low vision too!  High contrast or colorful measuring spoons, measuring cups, cutting boards, oven rack guards, and no-cut gloves are items that will make holiday baking safer and more enjoyable.  A large talking timer or talking thermometer will ensure the holiday goodies come out perfectly every time! 


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