Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
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Magnified Life has opened a Low Vision STORE!

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Magnified Life has opened a Low Vision STORE!  

On August 13, Magnified Life expanded our reach with a Low Vision Store in Downtown Apex.  People with low vision can shop for magnifiers, tools, and other handy items to make their lives safer, more joyful, and more convenient. 


What are some tools that those with low vision needs can benefit from?


In The Kitchen

Oven Rack Guards

How many times have you reached your hand into the oven and touched the rack with your forearm by mistake?  Silicone oven rack guards eliminate that risk.


Cutting Gloves

With Cutting Gloves, your hands are protected from sharp knives.  Cut away without the worry of hurting yourself.


Digital Talking Thermometers

Never guess again if your grilled chicken is done.  This talking meat thermometer will let you know quickly.


Brightly Colored or Black Cutting Boards & Brightly Colored Measuring Cups and Spoons

They provide contrast to see light-colored food.  Plus, they make your kitchen cheerful!


For Daily Tasks, Safety, and Mobility

Large Print Paper

Large Print Address Books

Bold, Non-Bleed Pens

Canes/Cane Tips

Cocoons (Fit Over Sunglasses

Audible Timers


Large Print Banking Registers

Bump Dots/Tactile Markers

High-Contrast Keyboards


Electronic Magnifiers


Portable, Hand-Held Electronic Magnifiers

These devices are perfect for short-term or on-the-go reading tasks such as reading menus, prescription bottles, or even magazine articles.


Desk-Top or Portable Electronic Magnifiers

Larger electronic magnifiers provide magnification and color/contrast combinations to address your individual visual needs.  Some have WiFi capabilities, making your computer less necessary.  Check email, magnify the view to your specific needs, surf the web, or simply read in full color, instantly.  Some electronic magnifiers have OCR capability; the text can be read aloud to help avoid visual fatigue.

Try any of these devices and so much more at our Apex store:

307 South Salem Street  Suite 101
Apex, NC 27502
Call for your personalized, same-day appointment:  919.444.2775

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