Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
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The Gift-Giving Season is Upon Us

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The Gift-Giving Season is Upon Us


It’s that time of year again, time to gather with family and friends, time to reflect on our gratitude, and time to think of the perfect, thoughtful gift. This year might look different than it has in the past.  Gatherings might be smaller and we may even visit via Zoom or FaceTime. Long-distance travel might be limited or postponed.  One thing remains the same, the love we have for our families is constant.


The Gift of Sight


Our seniors always want things to be just like the “good ole days.” What they may be feeling is the realization that they aren’t the same.  Their bodies have changed, their energy levels are different, and their vision is noticeably less sharp than it once was. What if their loved ones were able to give some of that back?  With the proper tools, vision can be improved and independence restored.  Being able to see the face of a loved one and participate in a meaningful way, is priceless!


The Right Tool


When our vision begins to deteriorate, we usually start with glasses, move on to a handheld magnifying glass, and may eventually give up those activities that require sharp vision.  There are so many quality options but families, often don’t know how to choose. 


Electronic Magnifiers


A powerful, electronic magnifier can come in a variety of sizes and strengths.  It can take some time to determine the best one for your needs.  People across the country use a tool called a VisioBook to read and perform daily tasks.  This powerful, portable magnifier provides up to 30x magnification for near, distance, and even mirror vision.   This tool can be used to do normal activities such as reading the paper, writing a letter, crafting, and even self-care.  With the distance vision feature, your loved one can view television from far away, participate in a worship service, and see faces clearly, even at 6 feet apart. Using the mirror vision function, one can apply makeup or check their appearance.


Hand-held electronic magnifiers might be just the answer. These devices can be transported in a purse or pocket; many aren’t much bigger than the newest phones.  These devices provide instant independence.  These can be used to read a menu, see a friendly face, view photographs, and enlarge any detail that one might otherwise miss.


This holiday season, consider giving your senior something that will bring them joy and independence.  Whichever you choose, these tools are intuitive, simple to use, easy to clean, and will give your senior a smile!


Magnified Life


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