Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
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When a Handheld Magnifier Isn't Enough...

When a person loses vision and the ability to see print to do everyday tasks, like reading the paper, writing letters, reading their prescription bottles or recipes, they often pick up a handheld magnifier at a drugstore or an office supply store.  Many times, this is enough to get by for a “little while” and “helps a little bit”.  It makes perfect sense to use what we have access to and can afford, of course.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  However, a handheld magnifier has its uses and its limitations.

The good things about a handheld magnifier are that it can travel anywhere, like a pocket or a purse, and it gives instant magnification, while being relatively inexpensive. Handheld magnifiers come in a variety of strengths, from 1.8x to 12x and everywhere in between. That means a 3x magnifier would make the print 3 times bigger than the original print size. However, some limitations of handheld magnifiers are that they scratch easily, have a small viewing area and require a stable hand to hold the magnifier over the print. It becomes tedious to move the handheld over print to read for more than a few seconds, and having adequate lighting is important, too. Handheld magnifiers are great for spot reading things like labels and directions on a box, but rarely for any extensive reading. Lower strength magnifiers have a larger viewing area, but not much power, and as the strength of the magnifier increases, the viewing area can become very small.

Oftentimes, visually impaired users of handheld magnifiers lose interest in reading and tasks requiring near vision because of the limitations and frustrations of the device. I always say that there are different tools for different tasks…  you wouldn’t use a hand trowel to dig a ditch. When a person with vision loss wants to continue to do more extensive reading or hobbies requiring vision (and who doesn’t), there is a better tool for the task called an electronic video magnifier, also known as a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). 

The VisioBook is a portable electronic video magnifier (about the size of a laptop), that gives instant visual access on a 13” screen and magnifies print up to 30x bigger. The user can turn the magnification wheel and select any size print that is comfortable and efficient for their reading or hobby activity. The high definition camera displays on a crystal-clear screen and the color contrast can be toggled to accommodate any visual need (black/yellow, blue/yellow, black/white, pink/black, etc.). 

The VisioBook is very easy to use and requires minimal training, with only 6 buttons and a magnification wheel. The device is intuitive and gives instant SMILES because it allows someone with vision loss to see better with ease!  With the 13” screen and fully customizable features, the VisioBook can bring back the joys of life that are often lost with vision loss. Improved quality of life and independence are important for everyone. Having access to magnification equipment that is fun and easy-to-use changes lives! 

For more information, or a demonstration of the VisioBook, contact Magnified Life at 919-444-2775, or visit us online at  We look forward to serving you and making life better with vision loss!


by Kim Hudson, Visual Impairment Specialist


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