Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
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What is a VisioBook?

A VisioBook is a Closed-Circuit Television (aka CCTV), or all-in-one magnification machine.  Some people call it a reading machine, a magnification machine or an electronic video magnifier. 

What does a VisioBook do?

The VisioBraille line of products provide instant visual access for people with low vision.

What is low vision?

Low vision is impaired vision that is not correctable with glasses or contacts.

What is legal blindness?

The definition of legal blindness is visual acuity (central vision) of 20/200 or worse in the BETTER eye with correction - OR- a visual field (peripheral vision) that is limited to only 20 degrees.

20/200 acuity still allows for a lot of usable vision, but a person with this level of visual acuity must be much closer to  a distance visual target, or the near visual target must be larger. 

Do you have to be legally blind to benefit from a CCTV?

No, anyone can benefit from the magnification offered by the VisioBook! Most people begin experiencing presbyopia (aging eyes) and need reading glasses in their 40s or 50s.  Approximately 60% of the aging population has some degree of vision loss related to Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataracts.

What are the consequences of vision loss?

Vision loss impedes the ability to read, drive, prepare meals, watch television, and attend to personal affairs. Reduced vision among mature adults has been shown to result in social isolation, family stress, and ultimately a greater tendency to experience other health conditions (Ellwein, Friedlin, McBean, & Lee, 1996).

What are the benefits of a CCTV?

The VisioBook provides the availability of instant visual access for near vision tasks, like reading, writing, and personal care. A CCTV allows for increased independence and less reliance on others for activities of daily living, which leads to greater dignity, joy and quality of life.

Why choose a VisioBook?

The VisioBook was designed and manufactured in Germany with high quality parts, is compact and durable. The VisioBook/VisioDesk is portable, so it can go anywhere and can store easily. The VisioBook/VisioDesk also has a distance vision camera and a mirror camera for self-care. The Visio 22 is a desktop model for more stationary use and functions as a near vision magnifier only.

What is the warranty on VisioBraille products?

There is a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all VisioBraille products. If properly cared for, the device is durable and can withstand daily use without need for repair.

What if I drop or break my VisioBook?

Magnified Life offers full service repairs to get your VisioBook back in working order for a fee.