Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
Products for Enhancing Life with Vision Loss
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VisioDesk 16"  HD Screen Portable
Magnified Life

VisioDesk 16" HD Screen Portable

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The VisioDesk is an electronic magnifier provides instant visual access, anywhere you want to take it! With it's portability, go-anywhere size, this powerful device provides up to 30x magnification for near, distance, and mirror vision. The High-Definition screen gives crystal-clear clarity and the magnification wheel allows the user to customize the size of the image with the touch of a finger.  

  •  Portable and lightweight (10 lbs.)
  • 16" high-definition screen
  •  Near vision camera (for reading, writing and activities of daily living)
  •  Distance vision camera (for tv, presentations, church, etc.)
  •  Mirror vision camera (for self care)
  •  Stores easily with carrying case
  •  Rechargeable battery with 5+ hours of battery life
  •  Intuitive design and use with only 6 buttons and a magnification wheel
  •  German-engineered
  •  Natural color option and 14 color contrast combinations
  •  Easy to sanitize for use by multiple persons
  •  2-year manufacturer's warranty

Magnified Life provides full support and service.
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